Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Well, we had fun making it..."

So I came across this blog, Filth Wizardry, a couple weeks ago. It's chock full of fun and crafty ideas to do with your kids.

After reading her post "Hotdog and Spaghetti culinary terror" , I simply had to try it out.

I gathered the kids around the table and handed them a plate of chopped up, un-boiled hotdogs and a handful of uncooked spaghetti. Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd type.
And then the skewering began.

The kids were really very serious about their creations.

Finally, a mess of hotdogs were skewered and ready to be boiled.

Aren't they funny looking...yeah, I didn't eat any.

The kids however were ready to gobble them up...that is until they discovered that the spaghetti inside the hotdogs still had a little crunch to them. Then they all opted for leftover sub sandwhiches from the day before.

G8 tried to console me with, "Well, Mom, we did have fun making it..."

I think the biggest problem was that I cut the hodogs too big. They should of been bite-sized pieces. They probably could've used some shredded cheese or sauce to make them a little more appetizing as well. The post at Filth Wizardry also shows a healthier option of skewering chunks of turkey and carrots.

We might try these 'blooming snacks' for our next culinary experiment. Pin It Now!

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