Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The to-do list was thrown out the window today!

Breakfast had been finished and the morning routine was well under way when I decided to quickly check my emails this morning. I opened up the messages from a local homeschool Yahoo group that I am on to see a post about a free Revolutionary War reenactment taking place in a homeschoolers back

Well a couple of phone calls later and we were confirmed to "Come on over!" So all pencils and workbooks were forgotten as I loaded 6 kids, two diaper bags, and partridge in pear tree into the van.

We did not get our math lessons done today. We did not crack open the spelling workbooks. We never got around to the science or art lessons I had planned...

But we were there when the Revolutionary war family pitched a tent in our friend's backyard.

We listened to the stories of Revolutionary women...the clothes they wore, how they cooked their food. My kids can tell you that there were women and children living in the army camps with their husbands. They can also tell you that if their husbands died they had 48 hours to find a new husband or leave camp.

We watched and listened as the drummer boy marched into camp.

We learned all about his very important role in the army and listened to the many different drumming beats...ones that announced dinner, a time for prayer, battle, and retreat. We heard the sounds of the Revolutionary War from this very talented player.

And then his father returned from battle. He shared with us about his weapons and the important details of even his clothing.

The children sat and listened and then we ate and fellowshippped with the other children. On the way home, the kids sang "God Bless America" and I knew that this day could not be ended with math work and spelling worksheets.

So instead, we came home and read five chapters of "The American Twins of the Revolution".

I'm not sure that you can get it anywhere other than Salem Ridge Press, but you wouldn't want to anyway because Salem Ridge is a wonderful company and this book is on sale right now for only $9.71. It is a wonderful, action-packed, and brave tale of two young children and their mother who courageously travel to bring money and food to General Washington and his troops. It was written by Lucy Fitch Perkins and published in 1926.

So at the end of the day I have to face reality. Absolutely nothing was checked off my to-do list. It's funny how I don't seem to be bothered by that at all.

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  1. How great! What a cool experience (and more memorable for them than workbooks!). It's nice to have a *good* reason for not accomplishing things on the to-do list. LOL

  2. What a fun day - definitely more learning will be remembered from this day that would have from your "planned" one!



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