Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bible for little ones

We start our homeschool day by reading a bible story/devotional using a Bible curriculum that I bought at a homeschool convention last year. I haven't been totally satisfied with it mostly because there are no pictures. It really doesn't engage the littlest ones and overall, our Bible time has just seemed bland and boring.

I recently bought the Read with Me Bible for E5's birthday and I love, love, LOVE the illustrations in it. They are so expressive. So I have decided to read a story from it each day and have an activity.

On Monday we will read a story and copy our memory verse for that day on an index card to put in our memory verse box. Find out how to make a memory verse box here.

On Tuesday, we will read a story and draw what we read that day in a bible notebook.

On Wednesday, we will read a story and make a craft.

We are at a co-op on Thursday, but when we are home we will just add to our bible notebook.

On Friday, I will let the kids act out any of the stories we read that week.

In addition to our memory verses, the kids are also memorizing a verse a week of a hymn or worship song. They have already learned Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus and this week we will begin learning Holy is the Lord. Pin It Now!

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