Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogger Friend Assignment #103

Memory Verse: 1 Timothy 4:15 (NIV)
Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.

Intro: It keeps going, and going, and going…. (Marketing credit: Energizer)

Housekeeping: that household mess, it keeps going and going and going. It’s a perpetual chore that we diligently need to keep going on to stay on top it. We all have different ways of keeping ourselves energized.

Assignment: How do you keep energized so you can get it all done? bouncy music? treat it like a workout? Do you use a schedule?, a housekeeping binder system? luck of the draw system?.. or is this an area where you need encouragement? Do you need God’s help to keep order and beauty in your dwelling place? Take this week to tell us how You diligently keep going with your housekeeping chores.

Oh, I am far past needing encouragement in this area. I need serious, SERIOUS prayer! Housekeeping is not a talent that I possess. Especially housekeeping while homeschooling and raising six children under eight. I am constantly pushing this to the back burner.

My goal is to have morning chores, afternoon chores, and after dinner chores. In the morning the kids have a morning routine which includes making their beds and cleaning their rooms. I'd like to make my bed at this time as well, though more often than not, I am nursing the baby and/or fixing breakfast at this time. My daughter is supposed to put laundry in and out of the washer/dryer two times a day and fold the clean clothes. I still have to oversee all of this and more often than not the clean clothes lay unfolded in a laundry basket. I do clean the kitchen after every meal, but often let the dishes pile till the evening. (Our dishwasher doesn't work so we have to wash all dishes by hand.) In all honesty, most evenings my husband is the one who washes the dishes and puts the clothes away...if they get put away at all. I'm desperate for the help, but I hate that he has to come home from a long day at work to a house full of work.

I've always saved Saturday as the day to do our really deep cleaning (mopping, windows/mirrors, dusting woodwork, tubs/toilets, etc.). This works well except for the Saturdays we have something planned. About once a month everything builds up so much that I explode and go into frenzy cleaning mode. All the kids are enlisted, which usually means they are given Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and ordered to scrub every visible surface. This happened on Tuesday of this week. All schoolwork stopped and we considered it a day of Home-Ec. I'd love to post pictures of all we accomplished, and we really did accomplish a lot of cleaning...but it's Friday now, so there's no evidence of cleanliness or order left. Pin It Now!


  1. Ahhhh, this sounds like me. While I totally understand what you're saying about hating to have the dh help out after he's already worked....remember that he's worked at ONE job today. You worked at at least TWO....and your shift doesn't end until.....ever. Well, 20 years anyway.

  2. I agree with Jenn, they also get lunch breaks and potty breaks without having someone burst forth to inform that they just saw a fly or that so and so is doing something they shouldn't. I had to work to get to my hubster to see that his job doesn't end at the door either-and he actually took to it like a duck to water. It allowed him to be a part of the family...if you feel like you are always "visiting" and not a part of the family, then one partner is on extreme overload and the other just "stopping by". I think I will do a post about changed our marriage for the better-hmmm, another posting to do...
    sorry, back to you....
    I am glad your man can help ya and don't feel like you are impositioning him. You have a good post here and I enjoyed reading it. Blessings

  3. You have a beautiful blog, Shanna, and your home sounds like a wonderful, peaceful place too because of your methodical approach to chores.

    I love the morning, noon and night divisions of the work.


  4. I think many of us can relate to the constant calling of housework.

    I feel similarly about dh helping after he worked all day.

    I will be in prayer as you requested!

    BFS Teacher



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