Monday, September 29, 2008

School Logo


I had a few minutes earlier today and did something I've been wanting to do for a long time now. I created a logo for our homeschool. We named our school Integitas Academy last year. Integritas is Latin for integrity. We wanted to choose a Latin name to pay homage to our classical roots. We began homeschool using strictly a classical approach. I'd now consider us eclectic homeschoolers heavily influenced by both the classical and Charlotte Mason approaches.

I created the logo using my Storybook Plus software from Creative Memories. I'm a consultant with Creative Memories. This software was designed to create digital scrapbook pages but I'm constantly amazed at its versatility.

Anyway, this was a lot of fun. My husband knows a guy who prints shirts, so I'm planning on getting some for the kids and us. I'd like to have t-shirts with our logo for play and outside fieldtrips. And I'd like to get some polo shirts with the logo for when we do school trips to inside places like the theater. Pin It Now!


  1. What a lovely logo!! You did a wonderful job on this. and it's so perfect for your school name. And what a great idea about the shirts also!

  2. How cool! I love this! Ours is classical with CM tendencies as well. Very cool. Now I REALLY wish y'all lived closer!



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