Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yes, My Hands Are Full.

Our family creates quite a scene at the grocery store.

It’s not that my children are ill-mannered. To the contrary, my children are usually very well-behaved in public. (Please note that I did say usually…our kids are kids and kids are…well, kids.) But, while at the grocery store, we do implement a “one-hand-on-the-cart-at-all-times” rule that is punishable by death.

Plus, saying “no” to my children is sort of like an art form to me. I have mastered it quite well. Sometimes I sing it to them. Sometimes I say it even before they ask. And sometimes I even say no to perfectly reasonable requests just for the fun of it. All this to say that they have learned very quickly that I will not succumb to the “I wannas” at the store. They don’t even ask.

No, our issue is not in the behavior of our children, but in the quantity of them. I have six children and while I know many large families, it seems that any time we go to the grocery store, no one on the whole green earth has actually seen a family of six before. We get stares, gasps, looks of shock and pity. Sometimes we get very nice comments. Sometimes we get not-so-nice comments. But mostly we get questions…the same questions over and over again.

So because I know you all are dying to know, I have summed it all up for you here in one short paragraph…

Yes, they are all mine. Yes, we are crazy, but that happened a long time ago and has nothing to do with the size of our family. No, neither one of us come from particularly large families. Yes, my hands are full…usually of dirty diapers and baby wipes. No, we are not Catholic. Yes, we do know how his happens and we actually do have hobbies. Yes, we’ve seen Jon and Kate Plus 8. And finally (try not to be shocked now) YES, WE DO WANT MORE! Pin It Now!


  1. I only have 4 and I get this all the time! And we follow the same rules when we shop, except I make them trail a line behind me.

    Lots of "My, you have your hands full," comments. I grumbled at first, but realized that most people are smiling and just want to 'be a part' in some way. Now I just smile and say 'Full of blessings!'

  2. I just loved this post----Scott, my husband, tells people that we are Baptolics, and when they ask, what that is, he replies, "Baptist that put Catholics to shame".

    With our 10 raging from 15 to 5 months, I think most people assume they are mine, yours and ours. So, I take every opportunity to say, "They are mine and my husbands we were blessed with a large family".

    I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog!!

  3. lol!! i asked "C' when the next one was coming the other day!! yay!! if ya need a date night with your hubby let me know!! ill babysit!! i have 5 siblings!! i can handle it!!!



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