Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm it.

Hey! Go check out Mercy Every Morning, Christy's wonderful blog. She tagged me the other day and now I have the task of listing seven random things about myself...that is if I can think of seven random things at this late hour. I can feel my brain slowly shutting down with every passing second, so I'll try to type fast...

1. I was only 17 when my husband and I married. We went to my senior prom in April. I graduated from high school in May. And we got married in June.

2. I have a hair disorder...or so I've been told. If you look very closely, you can see that each strand of my hair has little dots on it that look like beads. It doesn't matter which color I dye my hair, you can still see them. My hair dresser told me it's a hair disorder that is hereditary, but doesn't hurt your hair. The dots are actually on the inside of each strand. My oldest daughter has them too.

3. Right now, my toenails are painted purple.

4. I love reading catalogs...especially when combined with a hot bubble bath, a couple of Nestle's Treasures, and a diet coke with ice.

5. I cannot leave the house without my sunglasses.

6. When I was in middle school, I collected key chains. I had about 150 of them that I actually carried around on a big metal ring attached to my purse. I was such a nerd.

7. I have the same birthday as my mom and my grandma (dad's mom).

Okay...tag, you're it! Let me know if you post! Pin It Now!


  1. Ack! I haven't read a post of yours in about 2 weeks! I was actually logging on here to check on you because my bloglines page says you haven't updated in forever.....but you HAVE! What's up with bloglines?!? Now I find out I've been missing out on your posts all this time! I will have to catch up tomorrow. I'm zonked tonight.

  2. Hey Shanna,
    Thanks for playing! :) That's really neat about your birthday!


  3. What a fun thing :) Nice to learn a little more about you.. I posted the tag on my blog as well :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday !!

  4. LOL I collected key chains too, there we so many of them, they were actually on my keychain and the ignition switch on my car pulled out one day! YIKES! I promptly removed the key chains (and paid for a new ignition switch)



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