Friday, October 3, 2008

Tired of all those bills...Try something new!

Do you remember when opening your mailbox was a grand event? Long before I ever knew bills and junk mail existed I would run out to retrieve the mail for my parents and rummage through it looking for my name on the front of one of those letters. Occasionally I would receive a birthday card or letter from my cousin who lived in Arkansas. I would run to my room to read my new found treasure again and again.

My mailbox is not overrun with magazine subscriptions. As a matter of fact, I only currently have three magazines that I subscribe to and only maybe two more that I would like a subscription to. I cannot be frivolous with my money or my time. I subscribe to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and I can honestly say that I will renew my subscription again and again. This is my favorite magazine and when it arrives every other month I once again have a reason to rejoice over the mail. I can hardly wait through the couple of hours until my husband comes home from work. Then I slip away with my TOS magazine and highlighter into a nice hot bubble bath. The bath provides relaxation and the magazine provides encouragement and inspiration.

I know I've told you about TOS digital subscription before, but I wanted to tell you all about The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Fall Special. You can get two years of the printed magazine, 6 fabulous physical gifts (no downloads!) worth over $120, plus the current issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine that is full of ideas for the new school year, so you start receiving your magazine in a flash! As if the magazine wasn't enough, TOS has partnered up with and giving away some of my favorite homeschooling resources...Hands of A Child, Teach Magazine, Creation Illustrated and more...

It really is one of their best deals ever and you don't want to miss out. In fact, notice the really cute Homeschooling with Heart tote bag (valued at $13.95) for the first 1000 to subscribe. Pink and brown is one of my favorite color combinations. My tote bag is in the mail and I can't wait to receive it! About half of them are gone, but you should still be able to get one if you hurry! (They will remove the info from the subscription page when the bags are all gone.) The total value is over $212, but you receive it all for only $39 - 50% off of cover price! Plus subscribers get their online monthly Teacher's Toolbox which focuses on a different topic each month, giving you words of encouragement, hands-on teaching ideas, book recommendations, field trip ideas, and a bonus download item.

If you are a homeschooling parent, then I am telling you The Old Schoolhouse magazine is required reading material! What an awesome special!

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  1. Great thoughts, Shanna!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Good review!! This *is* exciting, isn't it? :)




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