Thursday, December 4, 2008

Alphabet Alley

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to review many homeschool products over the next several months. I feel truly blessed to be participating in this review group and I'm looking forward to trying out the products and giving you my honest opinion.

Now, our kids have had lots of Go Fish and Matching games over the years. After all, these are classics games that kids love...actually they tend to love them a little too much as it usually only takes a couple play times to tear, bend, or lose the pieces. I received a package from Alphabet Alley in the mail a couple of weeks ago that included both Noah's Ark Go Fish and a Two by Two Matching game.

Now, I should admit that I wasn't overly excited to get these products. I mean, how much different could these games be then every other ones we had tried in the past? Boy, was I wrong! (My husband will love that I admitted that in print. :o) )

Alphabet Alley is a company that makes simply fun toys...basic blocks, puzzles, and games that are faith-based and sturdy. They are especially geared towards toddlers, but c'mon...who doesn't enjoy a good game of Go Fish?

Noah's Ark Go Fish cards display both numbers and colorful illustrations. These cards are much bigger than your average playing cards (see the picture below) and are thicker. Plus, you can purchase Noah's Ark Go Fish or Christmas Go Fish for just $5.99. That price totally passes the 'frugal mom' test as far as I'm concerned.

< The Two By Two Matching game is $10.99 and comes with 24 pieces (12 matches). While this is too simple for my older children, it's absolutely perfect for my three year old. Plus, these pieces are nearly indestructible...Okay, that's probably an exaggeration. However, they are super thick. I actually tried to bend the pieces and physically couldn't.

Below is a picture I took of two matching game pieces that we own. The one on the left is from the Two by Two Matching Game. The piece on the right is from a matching game that I bought for a similar price and actually thought was thick. The Two by Two Matching game piece is nearly double the size. Quite impressive!

There's a Christmas version of the matching game from Alphabet Alley as well for $10.99.

Alphabet Alley really doesn't offer a lot of products, but the products they do offer look fun, educational, and reasonably priced...three very good qualities! You can also find some of their products at The Old Schoolhouse Store (free shipping!)

Don't forget you can read more reviews of this product at the TOS Homeschool Crew blog. And remember to come back next week for 7 days of reviews and won't want to miss it!

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  1. I didn't know they had a Christmas version! I loved this package, too. Excellent quality1

  2. Wow I can't get over how thick they look. Thos might actually survive my toddler lol.

  3. 5, 2008 at 1:24 AM

    SHANNA! I DID IT!! I PUT THE BUTTON ON MY BLOG AND I DON'T THINK IT TOOK ME A 1/2 HOUR!!! Ok, shouting-in-stunned-glee fit over! I'm pretty proud of myself. I would not have tried to do it had it not been for your begging in your post below! I feel all "tech savvy" now (which is funny - since I'm soooo not!)

  4. Yes, I got the book! You must not have seen the little entry I made about you on my blog! I wrote a tiny little ditty about your give away and I *think* I mentioned getting your book... I think I emailed you too. Or put it on the HSS forum. Anyway, yes. We got it yesterday or day before.


  5. Just a note that the matching game actually contains 24 tiles (12 matches).



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