Monday, December 22, 2008


We had a six hour stomach virus sweep through the house yesterday, effectively wiping out three of the children. Baby L just cried and cried last night from about 10pm to nearly 1am. It was the first time that I couldn't calm her down by nursung her, which made me want to cry. But she refused to nurse. Chad and I took turns walking around the living room with her.

This morning I awoke to a horrible smell permiating from her bassinet. When it smells really bad, you can be sure that the contents are not packaged away neatly in the diaper...and they weren't. But after a bath, she is back to her happy self (well, despite a small cough and runny nose).

I have many, many Christmas projects to work on today so wish me luck...I'm hoping to finish up and post pictures later! Pin It Now!


  1. God speed your crafting and keep you well dear!

  2. Oh, no! I am so sorry! It is so hard to watch them and not be able to make it all better!

    Shanna, I'm bummed. I'm going to have my first late review tonight. I don't have the Motherboard Press review ready yet and there's no getting it finished tonight without the kids input. I hate missing a deadline!!!

  3. Oh, Shanna, I hope everything's okay with L & E. Praying here! I know it's always scary worrying about dehydration when they're so little. Let us know when you get back from the dr's.

  4. Linked here from a Knowledge Quest email, and I was poking around and read your Art Studio review. You said you aren't a mom who is really an "older woman" (my kids are 13, 14, and 16), I want to encourage you and say that I wasn't really much when my kids were younger. But I am so thankful for the fruit the Lord has given from our very human efforts to shepherd them. We play a LOT now, and more importantly, we smile a lot, we laugh a lot, we serve a lot...all for the glory of God. Be faithful! He who called you is faithful!!

    SD in AZ



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