Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Doctors Visit and more...

When it rains, it pours ... doesn't it?

Let's go back to two Thursdays ago...

All six kids are loaded into our purple minivan...how do we do it, you ask? Well, before Baby L was born we realized we needed a bigger van since we were at maximum capacity in our 7-passenger, 220,000-mile, hasn't-had-air-conditioning-in-3-years van. Since we had our house on the market before the positive pregnancy test, we were certain the house would sell and we could purchase a bigger van as we downsized in house. Alas, the house didn't sell...but my smart hubby called in a couple of favors and got a bench seat just like the bench seat in the back of our van from a local junkyard for FREE. He took out the bucket seats in the middle, replaced it with the second bench and wah-la...an 8 passenger van!

Okay, so all six kids are loaded into our purple minivan with hubby driving. We are headed to the big Wal-Mart to pick up supplies and decorations for a Christmas program I am organizing for our homeschool group THAT NIGHT. Not to mention, we were coming from a co-op Christmas party...you know...50 plus kids running around like mad making messy crafts and eating cookies. When all of the sudden we hear a loud...POP...and the van starts shaking. We're on a busy 4 lane road, so Chad gets into the turning lane in the median to turn left into the gas station (there's no where to turn on the right). Van stops. Chad gets out to push van with 7 people in it across two lanes of oncoming traffic while I steer. Chad is unsuccessful and traffic thankfully comes to a stop since we are blocking the way. Two men get out of their cars to help Chad push (gotta love the South). And I call my mommy.

Well, the transmission is ka-put, but Chad knows a guy who can fix it and my Mom lets me borrow her car for a few days.

Fast-forward to this past Saturday. I have already returned the car to Mom, even though the van STILL is not fixed (we're only paying for parts...so you know, we'll wait). Baby L wakes up congested, but we leave for a company Christmas party that evening. MIL calls to tell us Baby L coughed and cried for an hour. We come home to sleeping babies, but A6 wakes in the middle of the night throwing up. G8 starts about an hour later. Sunday is not fun. Prior to Sunday, we had only purchased ONE Christmas present...I know...so Chad stays home with all the sick kids while I head to Wal-Mart...again. This time to shop for SIX kids, 3 grandmas, 3 sets of parents, 3 sisters, 1 brother, 3 nephews, 1 niece, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I wrote about Sunday night in the previous post...up all night walking around with a screaming baby. Monday the only one vomiting is Baby L and hubby. But Baby L is throwing up every time she has a coughing fit, since the congestion is getting worse. Plus E1 has got the congestion, runny nose, cough as well. By nighttime, coughing is REALLY bad, so I call Mom once again since Chad has to go back to work today.

This morning, Mom drives over and we cram all the kids in her car and head to the doctor's office. Two hours and one headache later, I find out that both Baby L and E1 have RSV and ear infections. RSV is a respiratory virus that can get particularly bad in infants...like hospitalization...but the doctor says they both are handling it well and don't need breathing treatments...right now. Nothing but time will heal it and it will take about two weeks for it to pass. Ugh.

Um, merry Christmas?

Ah, well...such is life.

I still have pillowcases to embroider, peanut butter balls to make, cookie bags to assemble, and presents to wrap, but I did get these five blankets made for the kids yesterday.

Hancocks Fabricks had a big sale on fleece Black Friday and I bought enough for each of the five oldest. Their rooms don't get as much heat in the winter and the double fleece make super warm blankets. This is a no sew project, but still time consuming to cut the one inch wide strips and knot them all.

Well, I'm off to partake in more merriment! Thanks to all who are praying!! Pin It Now!


  1. Merry Christmas those are cute blankets!My kids love the ones I made for them, they are so cozy! I hope everyone is feeling better by Christmas morning! God Bless!

  2. So much to say and it's obviously late...so I'll abbreviate...
    1) I HATE RSV! Son #2 had it around 11 months old and was hospitalized....I'm lifting you up here dear sister! Praise God they are handling it well!
    2)I SO just knotted out 3 blankets tonight....so funny to knoe that someone else was working on the same project last minute...
    3)I love that your van is purple....j/k....you 'sound' so CALM!
    Philippians 4:6-7 Take it all to Him...and don't look back...I'm praying for that peace that passes ALL understanding to flood your home and your mind tonight!

  3. Praying for you! Just remember the kids will still have fun whether you get everything on your list done or not. :)


  4. I hope things get better for you all! You will laugh one day while reading this. At least I hope we do. :-) Merry Christmas!



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