Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let it Snow.

It finally snowed on Tuesday here in our neck of the woods. It wasn't exactly a lot of snow, but enough to have a little fun in. I didn't want to take Baby L out in the cold, so as soon as she was safely tucked in for her nap I began barking orders to the troops. There was much searching and fumbling and a little arguing, but socks, shoes, and snow clothes were found for all! Though you will notice that G8 has Chad's coat and my scarf on and E5's snow pants are just a tad too small...oh well, they could have cared had snowed!

Unfortunately, the snow was not soft and way too icy to make snow angels in, but that didn't stop E5 from trying. He is so going to look at this picture 20 years from now and say, "C'mon Mom, was it really that hard to find me clothes that fit?"

Winter's version of a Slip N Slide: an icy driveway.

A6 and H3 had fun making miniature crafty girls!

E1 kept smiling and saying, "It's t..oooo...ld." (cold). H3 was the only one with gloves because her's are sewn on to her coat...I will be purchasing gloves this week and sewing EVERYONE's on! It's just about the best idea I've ever heard of!
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  1. THAT IS AN AWESOME IDEA!!!!! I've never even heard of sewing the gloves on. Mine will have to be mittens though. I tried and tried to get gloves on the girls and we ended up in TEARS....mostly mine! "Baby, please, just try one more time to hold your pinky out? No, unclench your fists. What? No. A fist is your hand. No, with the fingers curled up. No spread them out. Like THIS! See Mama's fingers? Honey, no...." AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Isn't it funny how you can put boots, coats, gloves, scarves and hats away for everyone at the end of the season, when you go look it's not there or doesn't fit. We just went through this and it's frustrating and fun at the same time. I like to buy snowpants, gloves and hat/scarf combos at the local store when they put it all on clearance. So we always have pants that fit, if not a matching set of gloves in the house.




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