Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Critic

Well, I took a break from all of my reviewing to feed Baby L her first jar of baby food. She's officially six months old today. We tried sweet potatoes. It definitely wasn't Mama's milk and Baby L was a little uncertain...

I thought she'd like a bottle of juice much better...

Nope. I'd say not. Maybe tomorrow we'll try pears. And I'll definitely need to water down the juice...alot.

I thought you might like to see an updated picture of Baby L without a sour expression on her face. I took this one last night.
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  1. Oh, how adorable! Thanks for sharing such a special moment! Sarah ran over and asked over and over again if I was watching HER on the computer.

  2. Very cute!! Thanks for posting this. I am in the throws of postpartum depression and it was good to see what I have to look forward to and to have a smile.

  3. What a cute little one. With my last one I just added some breastmilk to his sweet potatoes and he started to enjoy them. Maybe it's worth a try for yours too?

  4. oh that is so cute!!! she is a doll!!

  5. she is sooo tiny shanna! my babies are burly - though my 2nd wasn't for quite a while. I'm always shocked by these little petite babes!



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