Wednesday, September 12, 2012

B is for Birthdays

We celebrate birthdays quite frequently around here.  As a matter of fact, we celebrated two birthdays just this past weekend.  L2 is L3 now and E8 is the big E9.

These boys are just so handsome.

L3 received his favorite items ... cars!!!

...And he enjoyed being pulled around the yard in his new wagon.

E9 received a MP3 player and video equipment for his blogging and vlogging.  What?!  You haven't checked out E9's blog?  You totally should.  He's awesome.  Here's a sneak peek for you...his video titled '7 Reasons It's Great to be in a Large Family'.

Once again, I'm linking up to Ben and Me's Blogging through the Alphabet.  You might like to head over there to see a post all about a 'Not' Back to School field trip that we had the pleasure of attending with her.
Blogging Through the Alphabet
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  1. OH my goodness - he is hilarious! That video is awesome! Congrats on your big family!! And Happy Birthday to your boys. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!



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