Friday, September 28, 2012

Young Authors Lesson 3 ~ Roller Coaster Plot

It's a great day for our Young Authors, because if they haven't already it is time to start writing!  At the end of today's lesson, the students will begin their rough drafts.

But first, we will do a quick lesson about plot.  Choose a picture book today that has a good plot ... one that students can easily recognize the introduction, conflict, climax, and resolution/conflict.  Hand your student a copy of the Roller Coaster Plot worksheet below.  Explain each box briefly and tell them to pay attention to the story, as they will fill out their worksheet according to the story you read to them.
We chose to read The Story About Ping.
Roller Coaster Plot WS - Page 003
Once you have read the story, work with your students to fill out the worksheet. It may be easier to identify the Introduction/Conflict, Climax, and Resolution first.  Fill in the Rising and Falling Action last.

Finally, instruct your children that it is now time to write their rough drafts.  Try not to let them get too hung up on writing and spelling perfectly.  Let them know that mistakes will be corrected during the editing/revising phase.  If your children are particularly young, you may consider letting them dictate to you as you type the story for them.  This will allow them to be more creative without being bogged down by the physical aspect of typing and writing.  Let the length of the story be up to your student.  Many students in grades 1 - 4 will only write stories that are no more than 10 paragraphs long.

Just in case you missed it, Young Authors Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 can be found at the link.  Check back next week for another lesson! Pin It Now!

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