Monday, September 17, 2012

C ... is for Caverns

Recently our family visited Squire Boone Caverns.  This homeschool mama is a sucker for abandoning school book work in trade for a good field trip...and this was certainly a good field trip!

Temperatures are starting to cool down in our area giving us a glimpse of my favorite season to come.  Fall!

We descended 72 steps down into the cavern following the lead of our tour guide.  Interestingly enough, he was a homeschool dad!  He and his wife homeschooled their son all the way through high school starting in 1990.

The beautiful stalagmites looked like folds of fabric.

We passed two waterfalls.  So pretty!

 Also, we observed the grave of Squire Boone, Jr. (founder of the cavern and brother to Daniel Boone).
We were told that bats were rarely seen flying through the cave, but after spending a full minute in complete darkness our guide told us there was one bat that could always be seen in the caverns.  He shined his flashlight towards the ceiling above our heads...
Yeah, it was pretty cool.  We were impressed at least!
After visiting the hand dipped candle shop, we all headed back to the car.  There sure are a lot of kids in that picture, aren't there?

Oh wait, one more!  He's trying to keep up. :)
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  1. Oh wow! Love the feet photo on your header! What a fun field trip!

  2. Awesome field trip. I love the pictures!



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