Monday, February 1, 2010

More Christmas Memories

I know that posting Christmas pictures on my blog in February is sort of like leaving up Christmas lights just as long...but I'm just getting around to it and since I haven't scrapbooked in so long, I really need to record these memories somewhere.

It's absolutely forbidden to take early Christmas morning pics of Mama, but this picture of L1 is pretty much exactly what I looked like. We all got up before 6:30, I'm not open presents at home.

(Insert picture of Chad reading Luke 2.) I actually took this picture, but I'm afraid that Chad would be really upset with me for posting it as it was a rather close-up picture of his morning face. So you'll just have to trust me that we're not heathens.

Just a joke. :o)

This is why I love Christmas morning. It doesn't matter what the gift was, L1 looked exactly the same every time she opened a present.

Ahhhh....Nerf guns, a present for daddy...I mean, from Daddy.

Notice the shirt? 'Nuff said.

I love our homeschool group. I got a great deal on two gameboys with games and accessories from another mom for a really great price. Our kids could care less if they were new or not. We gave one to A7.

And one to G9.

H4 has inherited my inability to show any emotion while receiving a gift. This is what I will look like if someone ever shows up on my doorstep with a million dollar check.

Step over Partridge family!

E2 is ridiculous handsome.

My big sis and my nephew.

My little sis in the headsock I crocheted for her. I got the pattern here.

And because Christmas is not complete without 104 family group photos...above is my mom and stepdad and the 5 siblings.

A horrible group shot where most of us have our eyes closed, or are unintentionally making a silly face, or are hiding behind someone else.

This picture represents the Christmas party we hosted for Chad's family. Hey, only half of the kids are mine.

And this picture represents the Christmas party we hosted for my Dad's family.

We visited just two places on Christmas Eve. Two on Christmas Day. Hosted a party the day after Christmas and hosted another party the day after that.

And then I slept.

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  1. love the photos. Who cares how longs it's been. I can't believe how big they are gettng.

  2. "This is what I will look like if someone ever shows up on my doorstep with a million dollar check."

    Hilarious! I laughed out loud! And I can completely understand because that is SO my husband's reaction! :)

  3. Yeah great family .Kids are so much nice and story was hilarious because it related to me . Good blog keep blogging again.



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