Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two to Three

E3 celebrated his 3rd birthday with my younger sister who turned 19 in January. They were almost born on the same day as I was scheduled to be induced on her birthday. My pregnancy with E3 was my hardest as pre-term contractions (which were nothing more than Braxton-Hicks) put me in the hospital twice. The doctors swore that I would go early, but in the end I still had to be induced. I ended my pregnancy with a yucky stomach virus that put me in the ER. My doctor took pity on me and surprised me a week before I was due to be induced by saying, "You want to have this baby tomorrow?" I squealed with delight and literally called her a "bles-sed woman!"

E3 is a ridiculous charmer and serious trouble maker. I'm convinced that God gives all the trouble makers an extra dose of "cute" as a defense mechanism against the wrath of their mothers.

Just this past weekend he has finally graduated into "big boy undy-wears" making us a family of only two in diapers once again. Yeah, this Mama is not ashamed to praise God for that one!

And here he is with his great-grandma and his favorite birthday present...his "truck blanket". All of our kids (and their Mama) are Linuses, dragging our blankets with us throughout the house. As a matter of fact, I'm wrapped up in one right now as I type.
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