Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Turn your home into a game board!

At a recent homeschool parent meeting, a friend of mine shared a great idea to add a little fun to your homeschool. The idea is to create a LIFE-Size review game where your home becomes the gameboard and your kids become the game pieces. We had to try it out!

First we made a large die by covering an empty tissue box in construction paper. I also wrapped it in packing tape for durability.

I created our gameboard by placing squares of paper ALL throughout the house. I just ripped pieces of an old newspaper at the fold because I'm too cheap to waste construction paper.

Our gameboard started in our foyer, went through the living room, kitchen, down the hall, into the boys' room, and back to the kitchen. We ended at the kitchen table where I had placed a plate of brownies for all!

Here are our kids standing on their spots. For this game I asked each child a review question (either spelling or math related) when it was his/her turn. If the child answered correctly, they could row the die and move that number of spaces. I just made up the questions on the spot so that it was unique to each child's level.

This was fun, but admittedly a little chaotic for my large brood. Next time we will definitely reduce the length of the game by not covering such a large space.

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  1. That is fun! We've done a similar game but we used foam rectangles (the 5x7 size - you can get 50 packs at walMart pretty cheap) for our spaces throughout the house. They're very sturdy and reuseable! The other great part of the foam is we were able to write typical game spaces like Lose next turn, go back two spaces, and move ahead one space, on some of the rectangles.

  2. How FUN! We've been receiving free newspapers this week... I think I'll save a couple to play this game, because, I too, would not want to waste perfectly good construction paper for stepping on! :)



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